Sponsor a Student

​​Option Two: Commit to cover Tuition and Books for one school year.  (up to $10,000)

Non-profit (501 c 3) charity organization based in Michigan.

Option Three: Commit to cover Tuition and Books for all of College or Trade School.  (up to 4 years, $40,000)

Bravo helps to cover the cost for any type of professional schooling:  University, Community College or Trade School.  We do not give the money directly to the student, Bravo obtains their college account information and deposits it directly, thereby assuring that  money is used for the purpose intended.

Your level of involvement is at your discretion.  You can donate anonymously, meet the student and present ceremonious check or become involved with the student to the level that you are both comfortable with.  

Providing scholarships for youth who have experienced foster care

Bravo Programs of America is looking to secure tuition and book money for qualified students through our Adopt-A-Student program.  We will secure applications and vet the students who qualify for our program.  You will donate your money to BPA and we will earmark your donation to the student of your choosing.  We will also provide you with a tax receipt.  You will then have the opportunity to choose the student of your choice and participate in one of the following options:

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​​​​Option One: Commit to cover Tuition and Books for one semester.  (up to $5000)