Brokers for Bravo - a sustainability program:

The purchase of "dividend stock" where only the dividends are used toward books and fees (ie; the cost of school entrance exams).  

​Contact:                                     313.343.8472


​​“Beginning a new decade with a new look!" Bravo Programs of America awards scholarships and book money to young adults, aged 18 through 24, who are or were in the Foster Care System and are enrolled in an accredited post-secondary education program. 

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Non-profit (501 c 3) charity organization based in Michigan.

Commission Donation Program: 

Jill Alicea from Real Estate One proposes that anyone who mentions Bravo Programs of America and uses her services to help a client purchase or sell any residential or commercial property, Jill will donate $500 to Bravo upon the closing of the transaction.