Our Mission


Bravo Programs of America (BPA) awards scholarships to deserving foster youth, ages 18 through 26, who have been accepted into an accredited college or trade school.

We also actively participate in their personal support network, be it as a mentor, career coach, facilitator, or cheerleader. Our students supply the hard work and personal drive, and we walk along with them as they cross the graduation finish line.

Our Return on Investment

*   97% of funds go directly to student education
*   60% invested in students who have graduated from their program
*   27% invested in registered students on track to graduate by age 26

Your investment in Bravo Programs of America will make a difference in the lives of young adults. What better investment is there?

Maintaining the status quo will continue what experts refer to as the foster care "pipeline to prison," and the "highwhay to homelessness." 
Investing in the education of foster youth will break this cycle and open up their opportunity to create their own version of success.

This is what their success looks like:

​​​We believe higher education - be it college or trade school - is their way out of this cycle. Yet today, only 3% graduate with a bachelor's degree by age 26.

We Believe in the American Dream.
Through hard work and the help of a strong personal support network, anyone can attain their own version of success

Our Impact

84% of Bravo Scholars have graduated or are on track to do so. Will you join them?

This dream appears out of reach for many foster youths.

About 6% of Americans spend time in the foster care system at some point during their youth. Their outcomes don't look anything like an American dream.

Be part of a Foster Student's Village